Reimagining home healthcare in India

Helping 1000’s of care-needed seniors and patients with in-house testing and care during covid times

About Medrabbits

The Medrabbits home healthcare solutions help home healthcare providers work with families to create personalized engagement activities that engage their patients and help them maintain their independence. The company offers a wide range of services to people who are unable to take care of themselves independently because of chronic conditions or aging. Talk to Experts

Requirements and Project Scope

Our client is a home healthcare provider from north India. To reach customers, they wanted to create an app that allowed users to book their services easily and connect with other service providers. This was during the covid time and most of the users are above the age of 60. So they need a custom UX design that is focused on the pain points of elderly citizens. The app also needs a medicine delivery system in which users can buy medicine from a nearby medicine store.

And the customer needed to know exactly who’s coming, when they arrive and when they leave. The application should handle the payment gateways and also store feedback after each visit. Talk to Experts

They always accommodate our change requests. What I like about them is their ability to think from the users' shoes. Working with the team is very smooth even though we have several requirements changes midwa

Amol Deshmukh

CEO, Medrabbits

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Realtime information

MedRabbits’ real-time access to information at any time allows healthcare providers to understand a client’s complete history before meeting them. By eliminating the need for clients to repeat their stories to various field workers, and by not having to spend valuable time searching through paper notes, they can provide care more quickly. On a mobile device, you can enter and view relevant information in real-time.

Reduced caregiver burden

Eliminating paper-based reporting has also reduced caregiver fatigue. Caretakers used to keep track of their timesheets and customer maps manually, repeating customer details multiple times and even at home. Similarly, paper-based reporting has disappeared from healthcare for tracking mileage and processing payroll, reducing errors significantly.

Scheduling efficiency

Every client visit results in mileage costs for healthcare agencies. A caregiver’s daily visits can now be scheduled most efficiently with the new software because it incorporates the geographical distance for each client. Costs are reduced and unnecessary back-and-forth trips are avoided.


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