Hire Data Scientist
To turn raw data into useful information, our data scientists make use of modern programming languages, algorithms, neural networks, and statistical methods.

The services provided by our data scientists

Big Data Consulting

Analyze data sources, develop data lakes, and hire a data scientist to review your existing data architecture. By using their services, you will be guided to select the best platform for managing data architecture, adopt the best data pipeline building process, identify viable options for cleaning, processing and transforming data, and derive value from it. Discuss With Our Experts

Data Collection

Our data science experts have extensive experience in data collection. As a result of their training and skills, they are capable of sifting through any type or amount of data. Employ data scientists with extensive experience in web research and the ability to collect voluminous data necessary for generating valuable insights using advanced technologies and tools. Discuss With Our Experts

Data Preparation

Preprocessing data is an integral part of training machine learning models, and should be performed by a data scientist. Data quality assessments will be performed by our senior data scientists to eliminate mismatches in data types and to clean the data of anomalies. Aside from removing noise, reducing data volume, and transforming the data completely, they will also reduce the volume of data. Discuss With Our Experts

Data Modeling

A team of Data Architects is available to help you visualize data sets and their context for your business. Data modeling is the essence of data management. Using precise tools and appropriate data modeling techniques, a data scientist can create conceptual, logical, and physical data models. Discuss With Our Experts

Data Warehousing

Hire top data scientists from our company who will assist you in building data warehouses using the Kimball approach, Inmon method, Data Vault modeling, or CDP/DMP approach if you are in the advertising industry. To set up the data warehouse infrastructure in the cloud or on-premise, our data scientists will create layers such as OLTP and ODS. Discuss With Our Experts

Build & deploy machine learning models

Building and deploying a machine learning model requires experience and skills. We have the best data scientists who can build Machine Learning models that can learn, grow, adapt, and develop themselves. Additionally, these models are trained and deployed in order to deliver the expected results. Discuss With Our Experts

ML model evaluation & tuning

Immediately following the deployment of ML models, our data scientists will detect anomalies and resolve them as soon as possible. They will identify underperforming segments and evaluate each valuable metric for measuring the performance of the machine learning algorithm. Our data science professionals are skilled at tuning the ML model using the appropriate hyperparameters to achieve satisfactory performance. Discuss With Our Experts

Statistical Modeling

Data science developers with extensive experience boost statistical skills to dominate the competition. In order to interpret the datasets in detail, they will develop a statistical model. We can provide offshore data scientists for building statistical models capable of identifying relationships between variables, predicting patterns or trends in data, and presenting data in an easily understandable manner Discuss With Our Experts

Frequently Asked Questions
In comparison to hiring a software developer, hiring a data scientist is an infinitely more difficult task. An offshore development company like cybersapient, which has a pool of talented and experienced data scientists, would be a better choice. As a first step, cybersapient analyzes your requirements and provides you with the most appropriate candidates according to your specific business needs or requirements.
Please contact us by email, phone, or fill out the contact form if you would like to hire a data scientist from us. If you would like to discuss your requirements with our data scientists and to speak with our account managers, you may contact us online or schedule a meeting with one of our account managers.
Not at all! Our engagement models allow you to hire as few as one data scientist or as many as a team of data scientists based on your specific requirements

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